February 2016

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In the February issue, former health minister and MP Daniel Poulter comments on regulation in medical aesthetics three years post Keogh. This month’s clinical section features papers on chin augmentation, acne scarring management, and the treatment and referral of patients with skin cancer. The psychology column tackles the concept of ‘what is beautiful is good’. Sabrina Shah-Desai advises on the prevention of sausage-like bumps under the eyes post tear trough rejuvenation. Sally Taber and Cheryl Barton define accreditation and challenge those organisations who are falsely claiming to ‘accredit’ practitioners. Naomi Di-Scala gives an overview of the risks associated with laser tattoo removal. The BACN introduces the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners, while PIAPA highlights the importance of anatomical knowledge in aesthetic practice. On the practice management pages, Marcelle Shulz tells readers how to create a centre of excellence, and Jason Ratcliffe explains the significance of social triggers.

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