January 2016

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The December/January issue kicks off with a positive piece by Cheryl Barton, who looks back on a ‘memorable year’ for aesthetic nurses. This month’s clinical papers include an overview of treatment options for dry skin, an article on consulting patients who identify as transgender, a case study of unilateral ptosis following the injection of botulinum toxin, and an exploration of the role of mindfulness in those with a negative body image. In the professional section, Naomi Di-Scala highlights the importance of undertaking a thorough consent process before treatment with chemical peels. The BACN column recommends key resources for nursing revalidation, and PIAPA’s page asks whether we should adopt a US style of training and qualifications in aesthetics. This month’s practice management pages feature articles on maximising the use of social media, building a brand campaign and changing the look and feel of your clinic to stay ahead of the competition.

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