July/August 2016

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This month, Consultant Editor Cheryl Barton discusses the General Medical Council’s much anticipated document, Guidance for Doctors who offer Cosmetic Interventions, and in our guest editorial Sarah Tonks outlines why effective skincare is essential for enhancing luminosity. This issue’s clinical section explores the management of photodamage with topical skincare ingredients and maintaining hand hygiene to prevent infection; in addition Shirley Nicol questions aesthetic practitioners’ ability to easily recognise the signs and symptoms of rosacea, and Daniel Sister investigates the emerging world of male aesthetics. In our psychology column, Nadia Craddock examines the shades related to global skin tone ideals, while our professional column provides an overview of the insurance policies available in the aesthetic industry. Finally, this month’s practice management section looks into marketing matters: your business’ brand, compliance with advertising standards, and insights into attracting the attention of male clients.

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